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When you have been building spas as long as we have, you learn what matters. Since 1966, Grand Lakes Spas has been manufacturing spas with quality components and innovative features. Our spas are constantly evolving – with technology, experience and customer feedback. Our objective is to build the best spas on the market. We add in wonderful features to make your spa a favorite destination. With our spas, beauty is not just on the surface. We offer ergonomic designs, stainless steel jets, LED lighting, PVC wood-like cabinets and more. With spas to suit any budget, we encourage you to make a Grand Lakes Spa part of your life. From an economical spa to a hydrotherapy powerhouse, we have spas that range from cozy to party size. 

From Maintenance-Free Weather Guard™ cabinets to patented hydrotherapy, your spa is built to perform and last. We use top of the line controls, equipment, shells, cabinets and construction to ensure our spas exceed your expectations. Grand Lakes Spas are always conscious of saving energy for the environment and saving money for the customer, so we build our spas with innovative insulation and operating systems. Don’t settle for inferior spas that will disappoint and result in maintenance and operational issues. 

Invest in a spa that will deliver hydrotherapy and years of enjoyment.

Spa Shell

Spa Shell

The spa shell is a designed and shaped form that you sit in, and the most important component of any hot tub. Other parts can be replaced in a hot tub, but the shell cannot. Our ABS-backed acrylic spa shells are engineered for strength, durability, and are easy to maintain.


They keep their good looks Grand Lakes Spas has a hot tub to fit your needs –  Each seat has be ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your body. Many of our spas feature deeper foot wells for comfort and spaciousness. Built in safety features like steps and lighting are part of every spa we make. We add in luxurious touches, like soft touch controls, adjustable jets and massage levels and drink holders. Our shell design and durability can't be beat.

Patented Dura Bond™

This multi-layered, patented strengthening process combines the beauty of Plaskolite Acrylic Plus with a layer of ABS for shell strength and integrity. Then a double strengthening material is applied. This high density material has all the strengthening properties of fiberglass without the environmental concerns.

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spa color selections

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Ozone is a safe, convenient, low cost way to clean your spa water. It is a natural purifier that aids in
eliminating bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew. It helps remove minerals while using fewer sanitizing
water care products. All Spas come equipped with our Ozone System Natural Water Sanitizing System.

Insulation & Efficiency

insulation & efficiency

Hard Cover Gray.jpg

Thermal Spa Cover
A durable, lockable barrier from the elements provides money saving thermal protection along with safety and security when spa in not in use. Your spa cover will accent your cabinet color to complete the stylish look of your spa. 

Energy Saver System.png

Energy Saver System

We look for ways to make our spas more environmentally friendly. We use a special energy saving system that reduces energy consumption, which helps you save money at the same time. Unlike full-foam spas that need to vent off motor-generated heat, the heat produced by the mechanical equipment is not vented away in a Grand Lakes Spa - it is contained, recycled, and reused. As water moves through the lines toward the jets it draws air with it (an action termed venturi).

This air is taken from the pocket created by the Polar Insulation on the shell and cabinet. Not only is this warm air recycled and used to warm the water in your jets, but it also helps to maintain the water temperature! Full foam spas have ventilation openings in the cabinet, which allow the warm air to escape. Those holes in the cabinet also allow insects and critters to get inside your spa. Our spas are full paneled with additional perimeter insulation around the entire cabinet keeping warm air inside the spa and saving you energy and money.


Stainless Steel Jets

Designed and built exclusively for Grand Lakes Spas, our jets are positioned for optimum performance. Settings range from power surge, which creates a lively swirling action to direct-pressure flow, which delivers a narrower stream for more intense therapy on a specific area of your body. Grand Lakes Spas hot tub jets provide an unmatched hydrotherapy experience. Our deluxe spectrum stainless steel spa jets provide the hydro-massage of your dreams.

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